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2021 Your guide to urban vernacular London Rodman Vernacular

London slang: appearance

There are numerous spellbinding modifiers utilized by the young in London; most are generally simple to utilize and see, yet there are unpretentious contrasts between words.

Buff – alluring, used to portray a male or female. This word is typically sincere and said in wonder, from young ladies to different young ladies (“that is no joke”), however, it is likewise easygoing and not very complimenting. As such, you could tell somebody that they were “buff” without appearing as though you were worshiping them.

Dench – probably got from “hench”, this word is utilized to portray alluring, solid guys.

Peng – “peng” is the place where the free slang words get somewhat more genuine. This word is simply at any point used to depict young ladies, while most London slang is essentially questionable. It is the most explicitly connotating slang word heard in London, equivalent to “hot”. It is normally utilized by genuinely ugly folks in a frantic way, which has lead to it additionally conveys a quality of “you’re way out of my alliance”. This is the reason it ought to just truly be utilized dispassionately, by females to different females.

Piff – this word comes directly from Jamaican patois, and portrays powerful, solid-smelling weed. At the point when utilized in London, this word is profoundly corresponding (male and female), and is infrequently said without accentuation. Is anything but an easygoing free word, yet rather an articulation, and is more fit to complement a young lady’s appearance or garments. for example Lucy you’re looking totally off.

Applauded – this word is just at any point utilized as an affront, implying that a person or thing is appalling looking. It isn’t profane however is hostile to the point that it is seldom even utilized as a joke between companions. It very well may be utilized to depict harsh-looking things, like sacks and garments, however, is predominantly said really, out of resentment prompting circumstances. for example “my ex is dating some applauded fellow”.

Wavey – when somebody is looking truly chic, following London patterns.

Good tidings And Sounds

Wha gwan/wag1/what’s cautioning? – what’s happening/how are you? This comes straightforwardly from patois

What are you saying/ways? – what’s going on with you? for example “was around evening time?”

Rah – this is the most widely recognized sound of endorsement in London, and is essentially bereft of any unmistakable significance. It is regularly remarked on profile pictures when somebody needs to suggest the possibility of a commendation without straightforwardly giving one. It very well may be meant “pleasant”, “cool”, “wiped out” and so forth It can likewise be utilized to demonstrate feeling/dissatisfaction/fervor. for example “rah, that test was hard!” or “rah, my mum’s going out is free!”

Skrr – This entertaining little word portrays the sound that a vehicle’s wheels make when it quickly drives away. “Skrr” can be remarked under pictures to demonstrate a type of metropolitan endorsement, as “rah”, however, has a marginally extraordinary significance as in it is frequently said for all to hear as well, and regularly adhering to the standard of three. for example “skrr, how about we go clubbing this evening!”. Can likewise be utilized like “skrr, France is going to be extraordinary!”.


Bombaclart/blood clart-a discourteous Jamaican affront

Wasteman – somebody amazingly irritating and discourteous

Parched – used to portray somebody frantic for consideration

Gimp-a nitwit

Paignton – articulated “agnostic”, this word portrays somebody unlikable, irritating, and subtle.

Pigs – a disparaging term for the police

Snake – a dishonest individual who tattles

Drop – a questionable individual that “chips” on any concurred plans.

Scratch – somebody who “scratches” into social circumstances where they’re not wanted

2 – a monstrous individual, a 2/10.

Sket – an abbreviated form of the patois word “skittle”, alludes to a horrendous, wanton young lady. It isn’t excessively indecent so can be utilized playfully and affectionately, particularly between young ladies. for example “Katie, you sket!”.

Individuals Words

Impolite boi – a person who has been solidified by the street

Rents – guardians

Next man – some superfluous person, said contemptuously

Mandem – the aggregate term for a gathering of folks

Gyal dem – a gathering of young ladies

Wifey – sweetheart

Man – me. This is essential to comprehend – a ton of London slang spins around this odd thought of alluding to yourself, regardless of whether you’re male or female, as “man”, and afterward forming any after-action words as an outsider looking in. for example “man couldn’t care less”, “man’s coming around evening time!”.

Them man – when obviously “man” is being utilized to depict somebody other than yourself, it is utilized to allude to a gathering of individuals, regardless of being a solitary idea. Consequently, London man – men of London.

Fam – companion, for example, “hi fam!”

Mate – easygoing companion

M9 – utilized on the web and never said for all to hear, “m9” takes the importance of being “shockingly better than m8”. It’s a funny method to tell somebody that you think of them as an old buddy.

Gyal/lady – young lady (from Jamaican patois)

Brudda/bredrin – patois for “sibling”, utilized between guys.

My Size – a bizarre expression utilized by guys while depicting young ladies that appear to be ideal to them, as far as an allure, and consequently their “size”. for example “oi, no doubt about it”.

10 – a delightful young lady, 10/10 on the size of appeal.

Peng chime – a young lady who is “peng” (hot).

G – another way to say “criminal”, g is utilized all around London, and is free of status. for example “Ben’s a genuine g”.

Roadman – a well-known person who wears brands like Supreme, Adidas, and Palace

Gathering Slang

Carni – Notting Hill Carnival

Lash – a wild yet little gathering that will typically comprise of savoring vodka somebody’s nursery

Foul drum and bass – DnB with a hefty sounding bassline

Unbalanced bassline music – house music that has an inconsistent, “unstable” bassline

Thought process – a bigger gathering, for example, “birthday emotive”

Free yard – yard signifies “house”. This expression is utilized by teens to report that their home right now has no guardians in it.

Gath – another way to say “assembling”, this word depicts an overall drinking occasion that isn’t somebody’s birthday or a unique occasion. These easygoing evenings occur in parks and houses and once in a while comprise more than 15 individuals.

Mad1/Wavey1 – a great gathering that is “frantic” or “wavey”

Gaff – identifying with a house, for example, “a gaff thought process” (a local gathering).

Squat – a squat rave, where EDM types like leap up drum and bass are played the entire evening

Bev – liquor

Green/wet/spice/ganja/tree/broccoli-the spice

Thai, Dutch, Cheese, Lemon, Ammy (another way to say “amnesia”) – all various strains of solid spice

Noisy/Haze – Indica/Sativa

Draw – any measure of spice

Dizz – MDMA precious stones

Prime – another way to say “Incomparable”, portrays a mainstream apparel brand related to skating and roadmen culture. It is prominently worn by young people who hang out in the Southbank skate park, and rural Kent kids who need to be “street”.

Action words and Actions

Hamburger – to be impolite/threatening to somebody

To artfulness – to exploit somebody in a talented manner, almost always to get cash, OR to take something. for example “I’m going to artfulness him outta that money this evening” or “he finessed my young lady!”.

To visit crap – to talk trash or to babble inconsiderately. for example “Try not to talk poo, that isn’t their home!” or “she’s continually visiting crap about individuals”.

To ping – to take bliss

Get bevvied – to become exceptionally inebriated

Skanking/cutting shapes – the demonstration of moving enthusiastically to drum and bass music

Crying/Daggering – words used to depict extraordinary Jamaican dance moves done by females, to types like dancehall and wilderness. This is seen at the Notting Hill Carnival consistently.

Doing pieces – customarily when somebody is doing great throughout everyday life or succeeding, yet can likewise be utilized to portray an occasion that worked out in a good way. for example “Perusing celebration did bits!”.

Fly off – when a gathering is an extraordinary achievement, for example, “the previous evening flew off!”.

Snare somebody out – to uncover somebody socially, normally utilized hilariously. for example “on the off chance that you don’t disclose to her yourself, I’ll snare you out”.

Making gains – to construct muscle, for example “he’s making gains”.

Chirpsing – playing with somebody

Frocks somebody – when somebody strongly praises another person, however with no feelings of tease. , which signifies “energized”. Basically, you’re complimenting somebody such a lot that they’re incredibly cheerful.

Circulating somebody – to disregard somebody’s messages or Snapchat on the web.

To be “on the chirpse” – to talk somebody online in a coquettish way, for an extensive stretch of time.

Betraying – to uncover somebody’s unlawful conduct guilefully. for example “try not to rodent him out for selling those movies”.

Bricking it – to be totally panicked. for example “I was bricking it when my mum called me”.

Flipping – selling/managing, anything from CDs to opiates

Catching – managing drugs

Pranging out/messing without – to have a terrible encounter on drugs and have a “go nuts”. for example “I saw him at Wireless, he was pranging out!”.

Other Descriptive Words

Leary – dubious (absolutely moves from the genuine significance of the word). for example “my folks are getting exposed leary, I continue to come in at 4 am the man”.

Blast – extraordinary, cool for example “that gathering was a blast chime!”

Exposed – a ton of (extremely, normal!). “I have uncovered schoolwork”, “you talk exposed crap”.

Shook – frightened/anxious, for example “he left me so shook”

Devilish – incredible/cool

Finishes – the region where you reside/stay nearby for example “my closures”

Lean/blurred/prepared – high on Maryjane

Pinged/pinging – high on the rapture

Frantic/a frenzy – when something is either extraordinary, insane, or inadmissible. When used to portray the presence of something, it is consistently a commendation, for example, “your top is frantic”. When used to depict somebody’s conduct or a circumstance, “distraught” typically takes a negative significance, for example, “it’s frantic that your school’s doing that”. Can likewise mean wild and epicurean, for example, “Dan’s gathering was a finished franticness”.

Gassed – the condition of being excited or ex

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